Saturday, September 11, 2010

box color

With a tight budget we make do with what we can right? I purchased my $8 box of Loreal hair color to wash away those knarly grays poppin' out of my hair line. I'm sure they are multiplying with every stressful thing that comes my way at the moment...Anyway, box of color, gloves on, mixing we go!

Well this morning as I look a little closer at my beauty shop bathroom job from last night, I accomplished my goal of covering up my plethora of grey hairs, but now I am a SERIOUS dark, dark, Morticia Adams Family dark. I have a certain paleness to my skin too since our summer was not in the least hot or sunny, so let's just say I'm practicing for Halloween. Wow...ooops. I sure do miss my professionals at Gene Juarez!!!!

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