Saturday, December 4, 2010

First weekend

This is the first weekend of my Littles being away, and after getting thru a mild anxiety attack yesterday afternoon...literally felt like I was going to implode on myself, I settled down, and got the children off to CJ's new apartment for the weekend.

Sounds like the first night was a little challenging. We didn't get the last bit of CJ's furniture moved in until dinner time. So I'm sure it pushed everything back for him; late dinner, late getting them down, new place, etc... hopefully tonight will go smoother for them all.

But it was a big step for our little princess. Daddy set up her "big girl bed" for her at his place...if you look closely at the photo you will see the teeth marks on the rails from her brothers previously using it...but it's all hers now! And the report from CJ was that she made it until 1:15, until she crawled into bed with him. I'm sure he didn't mind a bit... LOL!

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