Sunday, December 12, 2010

Less than a week to go

I'm packing when I can around the needs, activities, and wants of the three Littles. I've already taken a couple of loads down to our new place, and hopefully I can get it packed up and done this week so our big move will go smoothly and quickly on Saturday!

The week before Christmas will be a flurry of activity since I haven't even thought about getting any presents. So, yes, I'll be one of those people, dashing around the stores the last days before Santa comes!!

I'm excited to have my Marci around to help and get things settled in for us!! I think we might even get some cookie baking in!!! Yay, haven't been able to do that in years with her... Very happy to be moving close to my long, long time bestest friend again. I have missed her so.... And, and....I get to go have cups of tea with my sister when we want to since she is blocks away from me too!!

All new start for the new year....more deep breaths....go!

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