Thursday, February 17, 2011

Colds have found us again.

There are times as a parent that you feel helpless and need guidance.

Brooke has another cold. This is her third one in so many months. And when this precious, tiny little thing gets a cold, she coughs, and coughs, and coughs. The act of it seems to just leave her chest writhing and she gets the saddest look in those beautiful chestnut eyes of hers. I took her to the ER last time because it got to the point that she was coughing continuously. They told me to use a nasal spray and drop some in each nostril.

I have tried many things to relieve her, and yesterday I put out a plee to my Facebook peeps for suggestions. One of them came back to try putting vapor rub on the soles of her feet before putting her to bed. And ladies and gents it worked!! Try it yourself or for your little ones next time you get that annoying tickle and it is preventing you from getting your rest.

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