Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Notes

It's Valentine's Day, and while I'm tempted to whine, and curse at all those romantic movies and stories that I have seen and read... and wanting the fairytale...maybe I should just slap myself back to reality!

I do however, have the purest and amazing love beings in my life and for that I am truly blessed.

My step daughters have grown into these amazingly beautiful women, who are strong, smart, independent, and don't take much crap, and who are also sweet, kind and giving.

My three Littles, I watch grow everyday, and I look at them and feel such an energy of optimism, joy and love.

And lastly, I found this pinned to my bedroom wall a couple of days ago...what more could I ask for?!.... Much love and wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day. Xoxoxoxxoxoxo

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