Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Girl weekend! All girls...all the time!!

It was a birthday weekend with Emilie's 2nd birthday on Saturday and Reagan's 1st birthday party celebration on Sunday. All family weekend...yay! It was great to see my family, even though I live much closer to everyone now, it still is a challenge to see everyone who mostly have small children with busy lives. And Jo was here too, and we got to meet her new significant other, Bill! So here's some pictures from this weekend's festivities! Unfortunately I didn't get many shots of the family, too busy gabbing I suppose...sorry!

Here are all the babies! Well there's a couple of adults thrown in there too! Back row. CJ holding Reagan, Dana holding Ben, front row; Brandon, Emilie, Garrett, James, Ellis, Brooke
The Birthday Girl...Emilie!
Ellis, Brooke, MamaP and Reagan on my hip!

OK, what the heck, the photo is the right way up in my directory...sorry CJ! (CJ and Reagan).

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