Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm Baaaaaackkkkk!

Hello darlings....Fall is rapidly approaching and I know I have been greatly slacking on the Blog thang...but I'm back, and committed to keeping a current journal of the happenings of my small division of the Johnson family!

A couple of things; I have enabled mobile blogging now, so watch out, my text messages and pics taken from the trusty Blackberry are coming to your favorite Blog!

OK, rapid fire update...and GO!
- Garrett is finishing up his "Jump Start" program today and he will begin full day Kindergarten in a couple of weeks! He's so excited to be at elementary school!
- Garrett learned to ride his two-wheeler with NO training wheels this summer
- Brooke learned to ride her two-wheeler WITH training wheels
- Ellis is an expert rider now, doing many tricks and things to generally make his mother close her eyes often
(Yes, the street in front of our house is busy with Johnson Littles riding, riding riding)
- Ellis starts the fall season of Flag Football in a couple of weeks - GO LIONS!
- CJ will be coaching Ellis' team again this season (thanks, Dad!)
- Ellis starts third grade in a couple of weeks
- Brooke will be at preschool part time starting in September
- Garrett has decided he doesn't like Taekwondo any longer, so we are trying to figure out what his next interest will be
- And for Mama P?.... I'm having a great time trying to grow CocoaSweet Designs, my graphic design and custom artwork clothing company!! Website is up and running with some cute kids stuff, work out wear, and urban styles as well. We also do sports teams, corporate and promotional apparel and items. Go check it out, order some stuff... help me feed my babies!

Alright that's it for now, I have to work my way back slowly into this posting thing you know, my keyboard is smokin' right now...

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