Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brother talk

I'm in a room just down the hallway from the boy's bedroom, and as they are settling down for the night they are talking about their day. This was their first day of school "together"...meaning they are both in the same school now. Ellis is in 3rd grade, Garrett in full day Kindergarten. I'm thinking this is going to be good for them, as they have had a summer full of being competitive and arguing, and not seeming very well bonded. But there might be a glimmer of hope here...

They are talking about their day, and Ellis is asking Garrett about lunch, and saying things like; "hey did you get chocolate milk or regular milk today".... Garrett answers; "chocolate!". And then continues; "But this girl took the last one before me.....(story rambles on like only a six year old can)...and Ellis says; "What... she did, you know that happened to me too, was it...(and he goes on to describe the girl". Ellis continues, and did you see that boy kick the ball today at recess..."

Anyway, this Mama is smiling, enjoying a conversation that they don't know I can hear. And it's sweet, brotherly and most of all calm and bonding. LOVE IT!

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