Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving at my house!

Oh my, that was fun! We had a houseful of little ones running around and a few supervising adults sprinkled in as well. The three Littles were so excited to see their cousins, and second cousins and kept asking every few minutes when they would arrive! I was smart and divided up the duties this year, so everyone was responsible for bringing something, and for least... I thought it was a non-stressful easy way of putting on a dinner for 21! I have been known to stay up until 3am preparing the night before, but then again I had a bigger kitchen and double ovens back then too. So having everyone contribute helps with the work load and stress level of getting it all done. The food all was great; apple juice brined turkey, apple/sausage stuffing, regular sausage stuffing, crock pot potatoes, sweet potato crunch, pasta salad, cranberry/orange relish, veggies, gravy, rolls, and oodles of desserts that Becca brought. Wow, we all waddled out of here. Oh and we even managed to squeeze in a kid's table next to the adult table! I think I have a picture I can share... will post shortly. On to the Christmas festivities now! Ho, ho, ho! P.S. our family will be growing again this next year. Kate, Becca and Jerri are all pregnant...Kate's having a girl, Becca we don't know yet, and Jerri who is due in January a girl! woohoo! love those babies!

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