Thursday, December 8, 2011

Update on our Garrett

After several conversations, emails, and instances happening at school, we have started with a therapist for Garrett to see if we can get some help with his behavior issues. Our therapist's conclusion at this time is that Garrett has many strengths. He is bright, academically; right on target, socially he is pleasing and wants to make friends and be the center of attention, it is the behavior piece that he has not developed properly. He doesn't have the internal anchor to stop his impulses. He doesn't have the trigger to stop him from doing something that is bad, or detrimental to himself or others. Our therapist explained that on this particular part of him, he is functioning on a two year old level. At two you function on the "Pleasure Principal" whatever feels good, you want to do. As far as rules go, when you are told a rule, if that authority figure is out of sight, the rule goes out the window. Which is a lot of what we have been experiencing. So we are moving forward with therapy to try to help him develop to his proper age, and to be able to function as a six year old, in full. And for us to learn how to parent with the duplicity of having a child who has a two year old behavior and a six year old capacity...we love our beautiful son, and we will do what it takes to help him reach his full potential...

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